Romans: In View of God’s Mercy

God is not fickle. He doesn’t change his mind. In the time leading up to Christ, He made His desires for His people clear – they should live with faithful obedience. This hasn’t changed. The requirements are still the same.

The problem is, we could never meet the standards, the requirements that God desired. But Christ did. It is the work of Christ – His perfect obedience, submission, death and resurrection that saves. Faith is the vehicle by which we cling to Christ’s work. It is “received by faith” (Romans 3:25). We should see this for what it is – a blessing! We can’t earn our salvation anyway. But it also ought to cause us to slow ourselves down. To keep others in view of God’s mercy. By understanding our own salvation more deeply, we ought to be led to extend the gospel to others more freely. Join us this Sunday as we explore the role of faith in our lives!

Pastor Nate Roschen

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