Stories for the Road: The Parables of Jesus

The Parable of the Tenants – Matt. 21

This week we launch our new sermon series on the parables of Jesus. In the gospels are recorded 46 parables that Jesus told to His disciples and anyone who was there to listen. He most likely told many more. This is how He communicated much of the truth that He came to share with the world. 

These parables were spoken to the ordinary, using everyday situations that anyone could understand. Jesus shared them along the highways and byways of life. He told stories that surprised, with unexpected heroes and villains. He told of characters that defied expectations. Masters and fathers that surprised Jesus’ listeners with their mercy or wisdom. 

Jesus was throwing these stories down alongside their everyday lives as they traveled the road together. His audience had no idea what they were in for. Because like little time bombs, these stories would ruminate in their minds. Unexpectedly, they realized who they were in the story. They came to understand that the story was for them, confronting them, challenging them, and in other instances, offering a taste of grace. Join us as we explore the preferred teaching method of the Messiah!

-Pastor Nate Roschen