The Sound of Christmas: 
O Holy Night

This week in our advent series on the songs of Christmas, we take a look at O Holy Night. Written in Roquemaure, France in 1847, this song has a rich theology, and reflects the depth of the people and the time in which it was written. It is a song, I would argue, that is primarily about deliverance.

The great deliverance of Christmas is from the sin that entangled, corrupts, and destroys. But some of the beauty of O Holy Night is that it also invites us in, as recipients of God’s deliverance, to join with God in declaring and spreading the deliverance He brings. God invites us into His work of chain-breaking, to deliver people from fear, from isolation, from ignorance and various abuses. This song was adopted by the abolitionist John Sullivan Dwight, and he utilized it in his efforts to end slavery. 

Join us this Sunday as we sing of God’s deliverance! – Pastor Nate Roschen

If you are unwell or do not feel you can attend, the service will be live-streamed on, and Facebook and YouTube.