ADULT CHRISTIAN EDUCATION On Sunday mornings adults receive quality education in Biblical principles for Christian growth. Each Sunday morning, adults have an opportunity for greater challenge and education through Adult Sunday School. Interactive in nature, the experience challenges thinking and builds commitment to Christ through studies of books of the Bible, historical analysis, or current events in a style that is engaging and winsome.

SMALL GROUP BIBLE STUDIES We believe that Christian spiritual growth requires a variety of styles and opportunities for input and support. We are committed to providing regular opportunities for prayerful community as God intended. Our small group Bible studies exist to help believers grow in knowledge of Scripture and prayer. They are a perfect place to build a depth of friendship that takes spiritual growth to the next level.

Call our church office to find a Bible Study to fit your schedule and life: 303-642-3201

MEN’S MINISTRY  The men of Whispering Pines Church meet monthly for an encouraging breakfast with a discussion that is spiritually challenging and relevant for growth in faith. Genuineness, service, and care are strong values among our men. Each month, we link to our breakfast gathering some act of service—from building maintenance to set-up for a seasonal church ministry to tangible aid to someone in need within the community. Real love through acts of service is how the muscle of men’s ministry grows!

WOMEN’S MINISTRY  At Whispering Pines Church, our women gather in the fall through the spring for times of encouragement, teaching, and fun. Once per month, we offer a women’s Bible Study, with focused biblical teaching from one of our own godly women on issues such as grace, faith, or relationships. Encouragement is a core value for our women. Each year as well, our “Secret Sisters” strategy affords women the chance to reach out to another woman with care and support. Periodically, real love through encouragement shows through women’s hikes, boating, or other ventures for quality relationship-building. In addition, we offer smaller group women’s studies.

CHILDREN’S MINISTRY  Children age 2½ – 12 have Bible classes during worship on Sunday morning.

  • Nursery: We offer a nursery for infants (up to 2 years old) on Sunday mornings during the worship hour.
  • Power Zone: Classes for ages 2 1/2 through 6th grade — Children have an exciting program of loving Bible stories and play during the worship hour tuned to their young age.

YOUTH MINISTRY  Middle and High School students meet at various times throughout the month.

CHRISTIAN LIFE MINISTRY  Christian Life is the caring and fellowship support arm of our church. Meeting once per month, Christian Life oversees the fellowship ministries, potlucks, and special events of Whispering Pines Church. That is, Christian Life ensures that the “behind the scenes” details that are essential to a good fellowship experience are in place. Further, Christian Life prayerfully reaches out to those in our congregation and community who are undergoing difficulty. By providing meals in times of need, sending cards of support, or giving phone calls of care and coordinating tangible help, Christian Life expresses the care of the body of Christ to those who are hurting. Finally, Christian Life reaches out in the broader community through our weekly bread and canned food giveaway. Each week, anyone in the community can come to our church for free food to supplement their budget and help in time of special need.

MISSIONS MINISTRIES  We strive to support agencies and efforts that convey real love through both a verbal proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the meeting of physical needs.  Missions is real love with shoes on!

Missions Purpose Statement
Global Outreach at Whispering Pines Church is an overflow of what we strive to exemplify in all we do – the genuine love of Jesus Christ. Such love necessarily contains both loving actions and truthful words. Therefore, we strive to support agencies and efforts that convey real love through both a verbal proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the meeting of physical needs. Practically, we strive to pray, to give financial support and to send our own people to promote such efforts locally, nationally, and globally. In this way, we not only express real love but equip our people in the vision and practical skills necessary for loving the way Christ loves.



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